I made up this character. Do you like it? Most people do. I created her, all her problems and possibilities, I designed her sensitive personality slyly. All her worries are superbly engineered. The reason behind my masterpiece lies in making her remember while playing all the intricate, seemingly imperfect, performance on the dance floor. YourContinue reading “Creation”

Cumplir las expectativas

No quiero dar la talla, No quiero ser la chica ‘perfecta para…’, Quiero aprender a ver mi perfección que no depende de lo que digan… Quiero descubrir el valor intrínseco de cada persona independientemente de cómo juzguen los demás. Dejar de juzgar desde mi punto de vista tan limitado, subjetivo e influenciado por mis experienciasContinue reading “Cumplir las expectativas”

5/2/2020 something to remember

You know when and where it feels good. Feed your Soul. Nourish your body. Life happens for you. At the microscopic level, you are pure energy; 5D being having 3D experience. For you carry love to everywhere and everyone. Life is nothing but a dream. Your present and future are just about prosperity and abundance,Continue reading “5/2/2020 something to remember”