Characters at the Big Play

Have you ever thought aboutthe character you’ve created?Why can’t you have peace of mind?Your mind prevents you fromhappiness and joy.Can you create a character who is willing to fulfill every kind of desire and pleasure?You’d better master your thoughts,otherwise you give them the power to destroy you. What kind of character are you? I wonder,What’sContinue reading “Characters at the Big Play”

Cumplir las expectativas

No quiero dar la talla, No quiero ser la chica ‘perfecta para…’, Quiero aprender a ver mi perfección que no depende de lo que digan… Quiero descubrir el valor intrínseco de cada persona independientemente de cómo juzguen los demás. Dejar de juzgar desde mi punto de vista tan limitado, subjetivo e influenciado por mis experienciasContinue reading “Cumplir las expectativas”

Feeling of ‘what the f*** is going on?’

What is in the store for today?  Anastasia… and emptiness. It was since summer she hasn’t felt this way, when the only thing she wants now is to dissolve, disappear, DISCONNECT.  And she only finds this kind of peace in meditation, movement, staying on her own.  Afterwards, she desires to run away, to go forContinue reading “Feeling of ‘what the f*** is going on?’”