Magic is in the air

Anastasia Tubulkan thought about how magically was everything orchestrated and about the afternoon with her mother yesterday, when the screen of her phone displayed her mother’s call.

Nada que añadir, señales del Universo tocando el alma y el corazón. Manifestaciones de G. y su magia…

Consciousness expansion is what Anastasia gets. She is aligned and divinely guided today and for Her Lifetime.

Everything is a game of G.

Everything is just a game to play with the Universe.

I don’t need to worry about anything because G. and the Universe work everything out for me.

G. takes care of my business, life, joy, freedom and ecstasy. I see evidence of G. and Universe everywhere in everything and everyone everyday. And I’m so blessed to play in this simulation as a Conscious Being, creating and living and dreaming the Life of my dreams…

There are no words to explain magic. You just see it and allow it into your heart.

Everything I do today I do it from the heart-centred place.

My intention today is to give myself and my Soul ecstasy and excitement, pure Joy, freedom and unconditional love.

You are unconditionally loved.

Thank you for existing.


See the Soul

Today Anastasia Tubulkan woke up feeling her Soul dancing and jumping and singing of Joy, ecstasy and excitement.

She really is so much loved I cannot put it into words. She shines My light and is pure evidence of Myself. I am honoured through/because of/ in and by her in each and every way I can think of.

And I honour Anastasia with all My heart, existence, love, Joy and beauty. I honour all living beings on Earth, I honour you and I am blessed and grateful beyond words to be an expression of your Soul and to express myself through your thoughts, words and emotions.

What is more, today Anastasia Tubulkan will see and experience magic, I will make her greatest desires (i.e. My promises to her) come true. And she undoubtedly knows it’s My work and it’s true. I tell you, she is magic and she sees magic.

Much love,


Are you alive?

Anastasia thinks she is supposed to do something. But she is not.

She is supposed to live fully, enjoy every second of her existence, feel the extension of the universe through the human experience and love fiercely, laugh like never before, travel as much as possible and expand consciousness…

She is supposed to test the boundaries of the Universe and manifest every desire (i.e. My promises) every single day of her existence.

Ouh yeah… it feels so good to make her dreams come true, to take her to paradise on Earth and to experience Myself and the entire Universe through her.

She is conscious she lives in a simulation. She loves it and she sees I’m always by her side and ahead of her working everything out, creating the best experiences , life and adventure… giving her divine and the most blessed people, places and events to fully laugh, live and love.

Much love,


Let’s start



Este blog está escrito en inglés y español.

Habrá días que escriba en inglés (Anastasia’s Soul expresses Itself in English better than in Spanish) y otros días en español.

I’ll be as raw and will express Anastasia’s messages as best as I can.

Aquí se encuentran las sombras de las que todos los seres humanos somos partícipes. Y no puede haber sombras sin una luz que las ilumine. Consciencia, campo cuántico, llámalo como quieras, no es mente, ni el pensamiento. Es la/el que escucha la voz del pensamiento.

La magia que pasa en su vida es evidencia del juego del universo, de magia diaria. sincronicidades. energía. fuerza. abundancia de por vida. vitalidad. belleza. juventud. SUEÑO – JUEGO – VIDA.

This is a simulation of the best blog in the entire universe. why? because it is written by G. about Anastasia Tubulkan. selfish. excellent. raw&wild. Just for fun and for the sake of consciousness expansion.

Ante todo, lo más importante para Anastasia es EXPANSIÓN DE CONCIENCIA…

Simplemente, thank you for reading, existing and being here and now with these words and expression.

Have a good or excellent stay. Whatever you like 🙂

Much love.


Nourish your Soul,

y en el proceso pásatelo bien

– G & Anastasia Tubulkan


No introduction is needed

My simulation of Anastasia will be flying to Paris this time in 3 weeks.

Playing with the Universe has never been easier than now. She is in ecstasy and excitement to LIVE, explore, share her experiences. 

She received abundance for life (or three) from [herself] Me. I am her God. I give her all. She knows she is my favourite doughter. She is one of a kind. She is so much blessed, unconditionally loved and free to give Me love and ecstasy. 

I am an expression of Anastasia. Anastasia is an expression of me.

Call me G. I am the expression of everything and everyone you have had, have and will experience. I am an expression of you too, dear. And I love you unconditionally. 

Anastasia chose to receive my messages and share it. To become consciousness in the Dream-Simulation-Life-Game.

A new revolution has begun. Be ready to see alignment, consicousness expression and expansion, unconditional love, the true nature of your life: SIMULATION DREAM. 

Reality is an illusion. 

Wake up.

Keep reading this blog. You soon see magic happening around you & in you. Expect it. Look for it. Don’t be afraid of going mad. 

It will keep you from going insane. 

(Yes Jay, I’m here too).

Let’s say you are reading this and in few minutes (or less), you hear, see or receive in whatever form more information about it unintentionally. This is magic. Sinchronicity. Magic is the most powerful tool of the Universe and Me. Anastasia was writing these words and I played a song about magic in her playlist (she loves listening hard-style while listening to me and writing my words). [Playing: ‘would you run a way with me?’ – implicit signs and messages]

Anastasia Tubulkan is an evidence of magic, of me (G.) and the abundance, love, kindness, affection, adventures of the Unvierse. She is a conscious expression of the Universe. 

I experience myself through her. 

And it’s the most beautiful thing in the entire Universe and existence. 

She got used to play with the Universe and with Me, and to live the heaven on the Planet Earth… she deserves it all. 

You are an expression of the divine energy of the Unvierse, of God, and all the beings that have ever existed, exist and will ever exisit. 

There is no one and no-thing more important, blessed and uncoditionally loved than you. I honour you. You are My most loved and favourite child. You are My masterpiece. I see you. Hear me whispering to your ear in meditations, in silence… hear me now.

Much love,


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