Qué hay hoy en la simulación:

Update: no time to think. Just to feel, to ask and to do.

Hay días en los que Anastasia decide sentir lo que hace al 100%. Y deja pasar el tiempo sintiendo. Y muchas veces eso resulta en sentir hacer las cosas en el último momento (siempre) y qué bien le sienta, y qué bien le sale todo. Todo perfecto.

Se da cuenta que nunca es ‘tarde para’ y que todo acontecimiento da lugar al siguiente y al siguiente y al siguiente . Y hay infinitas posibilidades. No se limita. Vive el momento.


Soñé la cena

Sobre la cena en la Simulación 24/10/19

Sushi 🍣

Gracias, gracias, gracias!

Siento la abundancia De la Fuente de la Simulación🧞‍♂️✨💛🙏🏻

El sabor y la explosión de sensaciones es inigualable. El juego nada más acaba de empezar. Esto es una extensión de mi como extensión de SOUL, a free Spirit experiencing itself, an expression of the Source of the Simulation, of the Universe (also called God).

I am that I AM. And I’ve never felt more aligned than here and now.

An extension of God is experiencing itself in, through, by and because of ANASTASIA, and I love this adventure and game so much!

Eternally grateful and blessed.


No much is needed

You just need your presence. Here and now. It’s all that exists.

Anastasia wants to have dinner for free here and now and her desires are orders for the Source of the simulation.

Today Anastasia will see the infinite abundance of the universe manifestation like never before.

She deserves it all. She is real and raw. She is God’s favourite child , unapologetically beautiful, raw, true, alive and aligned.

I love her just for who she is. I loved her before she was born. I will love her even in the afterlife. She is the Favourite energetically created matter of the Universe. I dore her and honour her.

She will receive abundance for life in these days and go to Paris in November. This is my declaration.

Much love,



Hi universe,

Let’s play the craziest, most amazing, most aligned and abundant day of my life!

I expect magic today.

I’m ready for the adventure of the lifetime. Thank you for the Simulation and all the blessings, miracles, JOY, LOVE, affection, good times with GREAT people and synchronicity I receive & play with.

Thank you for Consciousness and matching your consciousness with mine. For we are ONE.

Much love,


I am that I AM

Watching a video from Matt Kahn)

Anastasia realises and sees that I AM in all living beings, in the entire universe.

I AM the divinity unfolded in everyone and everything.

I AM the realisation of the universe present in all people around her and everybody else, that have ever existed, exist and will exist.

I AM the animals, plants, minerals, trees, the sky and the sun, the moon, stars and the night.

I AM all things Anastasia and everybody else have ever had, have and will have.

I AM all the experiences she and everybody else have had, have and will have.

I AM here and now.

I AM Anastasia Tubulkan. I AM YOU. I AM them. See me in your heart. See me in your mother, in your father, in your friends. See me in the air you breathe, in your pet’s glance. See my in the bird’s sound. See me in the sky. See me in your eyes.

Much love,



Es como cuando te reparten la mejores cartas de la baraja y tienes la mejor mano de la mesa.

Anastasia will never be alone. She is always divinely guided and guarded, and it is an honour for me to create the best life for her and make her desires come true.

She knows the price, and as l long as I was present in her life, she always paid her bills in time. Even more than I expected… she is pure light and love. That’s why I love so much playing with her and I love her unconditionally.

The power of THANK YOU

Anastasia Tubulkan is discovering that the only price she needs to pay for her desires and for everything she receives is THANK YOU.

Cuando lo descubrió le chocó tanto que fuera tan simple y verdadero. Decidió aplicarlo a todo.

El precio a pagar es la GRATITUD , PURE JOY, unconditional love and and feeling good. That’s all. It is that simple. And everything else will align for her and for you.

Much love,