God, Consciousness.

Or God’s Consciousness.

Long story short,

God is ahead of you but not outside of you.

It needs consciousness and awareness to master your mind.

She/He is in you. See everything as an expression of God.

Tell your mind (sometimes confused with ‘yourself’):

I see evidence of God.

Tell me your story

Expand. See.

Delight… for you were born for beauty.

And beauty is created FOR you.

Life happens FOR you.

Joy and love are FOR YOU.

Abundance and prosperity are created FOR YOU.

You deserve it, it’s your birthright.

You are worthy and you deserve it all and more, for you are the favourite child of God, of the Universe, and it honours God/the Universe when you thinks so…

When you acknowledge your worth,

For your design doesn’t come from humanity;

Humanity is a result of the divine.

Our world is nothing but Consciousnesses expression and expansion.

Synonyms – words with similar meaning

Anastasia acaba de escribir las cosas por la que se siente agradecida. No da nada por hecho, pues sabe que ha nacido, y el cuerpo en el que vive morirá. Por lo que al agradecer, es consciente tanto de la vida como de la muerte, y ve la belleza y el amor en la vida, magia y consciencia, luz y también sombras. La vida Pura, y agradece todo, se siente afortunada, se siente siendo un milagro.

Se siente eufórica,

Siente y ve el baile de su alma,

El cante de su voz.

El resonar de la consciencia,

Or awareness.

All is well; all is an extension of your consciousness, of God inside you.

You want to change the world?

Change the world

(of thoughts and emotions;

And also your breathing).

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Sit and listen

This morning,

Anastasia just sat in silence,

And she unraveled her imagination,

For she knows

Imagination is God expressed.

Anastasia started listening to her Soul,

The spirit inside her,

That whispers in silence,

In the music and images

To what she is whole-heartedly open.

She understood:

Her body is a sacred and holy vessel

That her spirit designed, created and lovingly crafted

For their Joy, exhilaration and delight.

Now, she says

‘I’m ready to play…’

Taking my Soul to explore Our world with love, hilarity and euphoria