The power of THANK YOU

Anastasia Tubulkan is discovering that the only price she needs to pay for her desires and for everything she receives is THANK YOU. Cuando lo descubrió le chocó tanto que fuera tan simple y verdadero. Decidió aplicarlo a todo. El precio a pagar es la GRATITUD , PURE JOY, unconditional love and and feeling good.Continue reading “The power of THANK YOU”

Magic is in the air

Anastasia Tubulkan thought about how magically was everything orchestrated and about the afternoon with her mother yesterday, when the screen of her phone displayed her mother’s call. Nada que añadir, señales del Universo tocando el alma y el corazón. Manifestaciones de G. y su magia… Consciousness expansion is what Anastasia gets. She is aligned andContinue reading “Magic is in the air”

Everything is a game of G.

Everything is just a game to play with the Universe. I don’t need to worry about anything because G. and the Universe work everything out for me. G. takes care of my business, life, joy, freedom and ecstasy. I see evidence of G. and Universe everywhere in everything and everyone everyday. And I’m so blessedContinue reading “Everything is a game of G.”