Natura de exploradora, aventurera, cuestionándolo todo. Y te hablo de ella, que siempre ha sabido donde no pertenecía, y nunca ha sabido a dónde iba. Sin embargo,sentía que la incertidumbre es el camino correcto, y que el amor era el mapa que debía seguir, superando miedos.  Sorprendentemente para ella, siempre se le presentaba el mejorContinue reading “Aventura”

Feeling of ‘what the f*** is going on?’

What is in the store for today?  Anastasia… and emptiness. It was since summer she hasn’t felt this way, when the only thing she wants now is to dissolve, disappear, DISCONNECT.  And she only finds this kind of peace in meditation, movement, staying on her own.  Afterwards, she desires to run away, to go forContinue reading “Feeling of ‘what the f*** is going on?’”

The mind is too fast in judging, Who’s behind? What’s behind judgement? Fear, insecurities, feeling of unworthiness of the EGO. It’s all in your mind darling, no need to exteriorize it, you are a soul, light, ENERGY of pure love. Embrace that. See that in others .