The Guide – How to set INTENTIONS to be healthy, wealthy and young.

During childhood, we played ROLE-PLAY and had lots of fun. Without knowing, we were exploring realistic situations by interacting with our friends in a managed way. We tried different strategies in a supportive environment which allowed us to acquire different capacities like social perspective, empathy by exploring different feelings, attitudes, values and perceptions. We wereContinue reading “The Guide – How to set INTENTIONS to be healthy, wealthy and young.”

Sit and listen

Perhaps you just need to sit with yourself and listen. Tal vez lo que necesitas ahora mismo es sentarte, perdonarte, escucharte. Hablarte y pedirte perdón por haberte hecho daño, por hablar y escuchar a personas que no te hacen sentir bien, y por hacerte caso omiso cuando lo que necesitabas es calma. Perdonarte por serContinue reading “Sit and listen”

Una hoja en blanco

Otra hoja en blanco. No sé cuántas veces habré empezado desde cero este año. Como si cada mes fuera un 31 de diciembre, fin de un año y empezamos otro, con nuevas ilusiones, propósitos y sueños. La diferencia está en que cada mes tengo un 31 de diciembre. Hablemos de la amistad y las relacionesContinue reading “Una hoja en blanco”

My daily morning work

My daily work goes something like this: First thing in the morning, I took a deep breath of life and I thank the universe for the brand new day, the gifts that I am going to receive today, the infinite opportunities and possibilities, and I thank myself for having made it here. I thank myselfContinue reading “My daily morning work”

w i l d

The simulation gets wild sometimes. Yes, we are one of them. And they are here. You will never know who they are at least you GIVE THEM PERMISSION to be seen/felt (in your imagination). I mean, is it a joke? No… You give permission to God/Higher consciousness beings to tap into your life and performContinue reading “w i l d”


JUSTO ESO. Hace dos meses que aterricé en Tenerife, hogar. No sabía dónde iba, no tenía nada planeado. Solo sabía una cosa, si Dios existe, lo iba a ver. En ese avión, el 29 de agosto al amanecer, tenía todo por ganar. ¿Mi equipaje? Una mochila de 10 kg con, literalmente: 4 camisetas negras yContinue reading “DOS MESES”


I made up this character. Do you like it? Most people do. I created her, all her problems and possibilities, I designed her sensitive personality slyly. All her worries are superbly engineered. The reason behind my masterpiece lies in making her remember while playing all the intricate, seemingly imperfect, performance on the dance floor. YourContinue reading “Creation”

Characters at the Big Play

Have you ever thought aboutthe character you’ve created?Why can’t you have peace of mind?Your mind prevents you fromhappiness and joy.Can you create a character who is willing to fulfill every kind of desire and pleasure?You’d better master your thoughts,otherwise you give them the power to destroy you. What kind of character are you? I wonder,What’sContinue reading “Characters at the Big Play”