Characters at the Big Play

Have you ever thought aboutthe character you’ve created?Why can’t you have peace of mind?Your mind prevents you fromhappiness and joy.Can you create a character who is willing to fulfill every kind of desire and pleasure?You’d better master your thoughts,otherwise you give them the power to destroy you. What kind of character are you? I wonder,What’sContinue reading “Characters at the Big Play”

¿Alguien se atreve a planear?

Se acabaron los planes. Ahora todo pasa a última hora. 17 de agosto. El día 25 se termina el contrato de mi piso, y yo aquí redactando sin tener un destino todavía. Sé que me llegará en el momento perfecto, poco a poco voy vislumbrando la casa donde viviré el próximo mes, pero es todoContinue reading “¿Alguien se atreve a planear?”

A change in my belief system

El sistema de creencias es lo que opinamos sobre nosotros mismos, sobre los demás y sobre la vida. Todo el conjunto de creencias es nuestro paradigma personal. El paradigma nos sirve de lente para interpretar la realidad. I grew up in a working class family. We always had ‘little’ money so my parents ‘needed’ to work long hours aContinue reading “A change in my belief system”

4:10 am (CEST)

He is here to show you love.  The truth is that though he is an expression of love, your partner is also your spiritual teacher. You may understand that your eperiences are different, so are your beliefs regarding, for example, financial issues and food and nutrition.  You may see abundance and overflow; he may seeContinue reading “4:10 am (CEST)”

All there exist is my consciousness

I feel like every moment is perfect. Effortless living, letting the moments flow, letting yourself flow. ‘With what?’ you may wonder. With your spirit, with the all and nothing. Just flow , don’t ask; for some questions don’t have any answer. And our minds want to know everything. Mind does not understand infinite, limitless, omnipresence.Continue reading “All there exist is my consciousness”