The Guide – How to set INTENTIONS to be healthy, wealthy and young.


During childhood, we played ROLE-PLAY and had lots of fun. Without knowing, we were exploring realistic situations by interacting with our friends in a managed way. We tried different strategies in a supportive environment which allowed us to acquire different capacities like social perspective, empathy by exploring different feelings, attitudes, values and perceptions.

We were getting ready for the adult life. Being adults, we wear a veil of forgetfulness that prevents us from keeping playing joyfully the role we took.

Every morning is a new beginning of a new day, of a new fast-playing game with lots of action. Every morning, when you wake up, take a role. Here is the command you should use today:

  • Decide what kind of role would you like to take tomorrow in the morning. Here are some examples of thoughts you can think first thing in the morning:
  • ‘ Thank you, thank you, thank you. Today is a new day. Today is a new beginning. I believe and declare, there are myriads of blessings in store for me. Today I decide to perform a ____ (victim, victor, winner, beggar, a lender, borrower, leader, follower, authority role). I intend to ____ (have lots of fun, laughter and joy, to win, to read, to clean, to run, to receive a call that will change my life, to be a gift to the world, to give my gifts, to receive gifts, to be a blessing, to receive blessings and miracles, to benefit others, to be productive, to achieve my highest potential, to bring joy into the house/room/place, to breathe more deeply, to live more consciously, to activate the god/dess in me, to restart the software, to pause, to hug 3 people, to go to the beach, to have a coffee and be fully present, to establish deeper connections and links with as many people as possible, to tune in with Consciousness, to manifest my heart’s desires for the benefit of all, to do the will of God, to bring tons of love, light and good into the world…)

So, the text above is your guide to creation. You stumbled upon this post and it was not a coincidence. I am sure it came to you at the perfect time. Universal Consciousness measured reality with millimetric precision.

Remember, you are playing a role. But you need to be the crafter of that role, feelings, actions and be willing to receive. Believe and declare anything you want in this world, for your desires are also the desires of God, Universal Mind… You must know, nothing is too big, nothing is too great. 

Here are some more phrases, you must use to create (I wish I found a guide like this on my own. I must say that every morning I write and create according to this guide which is a gift I received from my guides, the Universal Consciousness and the Spirits that always have our back, support life and our desires): 

I am willing to____ (receive, give, change my lifestyle, create a body where I found comfort to live in, honor all the living beings on Earth and beyond, live according to my own standards, make my dreams come true, go to___, eat ___, dream bigger, help others, trust in life, be rich, be wealthy, healthy, young and beautiful, receive compliments, support and guidance, see with clarity…)

I am determined to ____ (and whatever you write in the blank space, will be done without you even thinking about it. However, when the time comes, you must act in accordance to YOUR DETERMINATION. No thinking; no judgements). 

That’s it. My intention is that… May this guide make your life better, greater and activate your Higher Self for the benefit of all. Remember, words are POWERFUL. Never underestimate what comes out of your mouth. You are 100% responsible for what you think, feel and say. Be aware of the conditioning and the negative thought that come up every now and then. Don’t follow them; Write down and Declare:

I no longer take part of this dramatic, negative and dark energies, low frequencies and a vibration that serves no one; I Choose to think positive and uplifting thoughts that benefit me and the people around me. I CHOOSE TO DANCE TO A beautiful melody of the universe and swirl around in a high-frequency vibration and energy now. May I ignore everything that does not serve me and may I focus on what feels great and exciting. I am in awe of life, I AM EXCITED ABOUT MY FUTURE.

Stay conscious and DETERMINED to act according to your heart. No-thinking and no-being state of mind benefits you 100% more times than the voice of your mind. LISTEN TO YOUR DESIRES and adopt an attitude of the VICTOR. For you came here to be victorious, and not the victim.

Chin up, boost your confidence and know that the SOURCE OF YOUR RESOURCES is YOU.

Much love, appreciation and virtual hugs,

  • Anastasia + 

Published by Anastasia Tubulkan

Conscious, I see myself reflected in your eyes, for we are one. And one is God. For god is imagination, And imagination is everything. You can buy me a coffee: Bizum: +34684155389 PayPal: @AnastasiiaTubulkan Thank you!

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