A change in my belief system

El sistema de creencias es lo que opinamos sobre nosotros mismos, sobre los demás y sobre la vida. Todo el conjunto de creencias es nuestro paradigma personal. El paradigma nos sirve de lente para interpretar la realidad.

I grew up in a working class family. We always had ‘little’ money so my parents ‘needed’ to work long hours a day. I grew up watching a lot of suffering caused by physical work of an absent parents in a messy house. There was never enough time to spend together. I was so grateful for the few times we sit around the table to laugh, speak and share a dinner together… In my childhood, I appreciated the time my parents would spent with the family, celebrating Christmas together, and our birthdays. However, it happened in few occasions since Work was always the priority. Perhaps that’s why I refuse working where I don’t feel I can serve a higher purpose than myself – I appreciate time above all things in the world. Spending my time with people I love, doing things that bring others and myself joy and make us the happiest people in the world; but at the same time, I love spending my time elevating others, inspiring people and working for a sustainable development of people, nature and economy.

Now, that I am at the threshold of becoming independent, I just don’t feel to work. I don’t want to sacrifice my time of freedom, energy and my mission. Necessity is a word I don’t like either. The universe receives the vibration of words, and traslates it into the language of energy and manifests back to us. It is essential to learn the language of the universe, which words produce what effects and how to communicate effectively, giving commands instead of sending a message of need or desperation.

Here’s an example:

‘Hey Universe,

I expect great things happening to me, including receiving an opportunity to travel while earning extra 2000€ this week. Thank you.’

The first step is to acknowledge the Universe. The second step, is to expect great things and proclaim it. Everything will be given to you DEPENDING ON YOUR BELIEF SYSTEM. So, if you have a limited belief system, you think it is impossible to receive anything for free or that money doesn’t fall from the sky, and instead we need to work hard to get a promotion, then so it is. Going back to the top, I’d say that the first step is to CHECK your belief system, which goes deep-deep down, it is stored in the subconscious, formed by thoughts and emotions you had when you were a child. For example, I could declare ‘I am ready to meet my future husband now’, but if in my heart, I believe that all men are rude, weak or f***** , I would probably meet a man (who may become my husband in the future) with that characteristics. So, FIRST OF ALL, CHECK YOUR BELIEF SYSTEM, and change it to positive thinking despite what society, your parents, friends or previous EXPERIENCE taught you. Start from a new leaf, paint a new picture.

Change your vibration frequency to one of abundance and unconditional love. What does it mean to change your vibration? It simply means to look in the dictionary for words that make you feel good, not the right ones or words that best fit reality. FORGET ABOUT SPEAKING WORDS THAT FIT REALITY, INSTEAD CREATE REALITY WITH YOUR WORDS AND BELIEFS. START WRITING DOWN WORDS AND PHRASES THAT FEEL GOOD TO YOUR MIND (today is an extraordinary day, the sun is shining making possible life on Earth and I am breathing this new day’s miracles and opportunities‘). There is an infinite possibilities and alternatives to what you know to be true. Never settle for less than your soul craves for. Think big, grow big, and be kind.

Much love,


PS: let’s educate ourselves about how the universe and metaphysics work.

Published by Anastasia Tubulkan

Conscious, I see myself reflected in your eyes, for we are one. And one is God. For god is imagination, And imagination is everything. You can buy me a coffee: Bizum: +34684155389 PayPal: @AnastasiiaTubulkan Thank you!

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