Speaking inquiries. Intimate CONVERSATIONS

Universe, who are you?

I always talk to you, do my words reach you? I’m sure they do. But, whom am I speaking to? For when I speak at night, the next morning I experience fulfillment, joy and peace, and I see evidence and great effects of my words in my world. But, who are you to make it so great? For every morning I wake up IN GRATITUDE to be alive, I’m grateful to the Universe and God, but… who are you? I wonder how do you manage to  always make me feel safe, not-alone (though having no company at the same time) and so much alive and energetic. 

For I find magic and so many synchronicities through my day(s), though I see, hear, taste (hehe) nobody making it all happen. Where do you live? Where do you come from? May I have a laook at you, please? 

What a gift having intuition and imagination, for I’ve only perceived/experienced you there (so far). I wish I could have a closer relationship with you, god. By the way, is the Universe and God the same? What’s the difference? Who’s/ what’s my source? What’s the source of all life? For I might be living for nothing, a meaningless life until I die. For my Spirit (and I‘m sure I am a Spirit living in this holly vessel, a container of divine energy, my house, my home, my temple to be realized in human form in 3D reality on Earth [by the way, Earth is also a 3D realization of a Divine Spirit, a ‘material’/physical reality/ form created by the Divine Female + brought into life by the Divine Masculine])… 

I repeat, for my Spirit knows it will never die but be transformed. And all these processes on Earth are nothing but transformation and evolution processes. You know, laughing here and there, crying a little bit, ‘helping’ people and evolving. But most importantly, learning about its [spirit’s] own nature. 

But, wait a minute, isn’t the Spirit supposed to know it all already? 

Well, it’s a young Spirit. Imagine a kid. S/He needs to go to kindergarten. No matter how much time you spend on Earth (whether you are 20 y.o. or 85 y.o.), you remain being a kid. So yes, it’s perfectly right to see all with kid’s eyes and to see everyone as kids. What was I telling you? Oh yes… Kids. Sometimes an ‘old’ spirit (as you call it) is sent to Earth. A kind of Father/Mother of the kid-Spirits. Their ‘mission’ (as you call it) is to guide and instruct/teach the kid-spirit. You know, all the spiritual things [you talk about on Earth], but not necessarily. Whether they [kids] like it or not.  

(…) Your mind is a tool. Use it wisely. 

  • G. 

Joan Halifax:

May lovingkindness flow boundlessly.
May love and kindness fill and heal your body.
May the power of lovingkindness sustain you. 
So it be.

Published by Anastasia Tubulkan

Conscious, I see myself reflected in your eyes, for we are one. And one is God. For god is imagination, And imagination is everything. You can buy me a coffee: Bizum: +34684155389 PayPal: @AnastasiiaTubulkan Thank you!

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