Who are you?

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Sunday. 10:03 PM.

Looking into his eyes I thought ‘ who are you?’

You feel so familiar to me. Your eyes, the way you talk to me, your voice. 

Tuesday. 1:23 AM

I saw her name written in the usurname screen of the laptop: ‘Anastasia’. It felt familiar and I mentally asked ‘who are you?’. Like we’ve been here before… let’s suppose you are remebering your stroy. The body is a channel for who you really are, for the sake of ‘divine’ expression of someone/something greater than you. Let’s suppose you are dreaming now. Anything can be whether real or unreal depending on how you perceive things, emotions, experiences and your response & reaction to that. Let’s suppose you are not here. You are here but also in an infinite places at the same time, something that our limited mind cannot grasp yet.

Let’s suppose you’ve already lived this before. You have already read this line. And you will do it for an infinite times more. Let’s suppose you are living The Dream, you are an avatar the Universe is playing with and learning about Itself. The avatar is important to some extent, to have fun, to find joy in the tears, to find strength in weaknesses and to play with all the elements, all the intruments that are at your disposal. 

There ‘s nothing wrong; there’s nothing right. You determine how life feels like. Your imagination, focus and attitude are all to you. 

Let’s suppose you are aware of the Awareness. Let’s suppose that Awareness is aware of you. The Dreamers is Dreming all of your reality at this moment. Now, realize that all happens here and now, in this moment of time. Not even one second earlier, not one second later. But now. now. now. All you have, all you are is an illusion like time. Money is an illusion. Hunger is an illusion for Consciousness. But not for the Body. You are given a choice to nourish the body you’ve been given, or to punish it. To feel good about It or to feel bad. 

People, humans have been gifted with Consciousness, a unique characteristic to make choices: FREE WILL. Free will to cooperate with each other, to see humanity as a whole, or to disrupt connections and realtionships in favour of the mind. Or to unite in favour of the Oness, community, compassion, support, understanding and integration. For the evolution is nothing more than learning how to live in community, to see and honour the gods and sacredness in oneself and others. To believe, to feel divine synchronicity and expand Consciousness on the illusion of ‘reality’, illusion of death, illusion of birth. For no one has really been born, and no one will really die. For all we are, we are infinite. Bodies are temporary. Problems are temporary. Concerns and money are temporary. 

That what is infinite cannot die. Find the infiniteness inside yourself. That which do not change. That which you remember being when you were 5 years old. That what you see and say ‘I changed but there is still something inside that remains unchanged’. That is You. Your true nature, self and god. You are your own God, that which does not change but loves you unconditionally. You yourslef have the duty to love yourself for life. All the sacredness, God, joy, pleasure, adventure, adrenaline, peace, happipness, light, abundance, wealth, health, youth, energy, time, connections and all you were / are looking for outside, IS INSIDE YOU. ALL YOU DESIRE TO BE, YOU ‘ALREADY ARE’. Why? Because all the potentials and possibilities are available to you in The Dream/ Simulation – Matrix – Game/ Life at ALL TIMES. LOOK INSIDE FIRST. That’s where you program your ‘path/destiny/purpose’.

Slow down, pause, breathe, listen and continue at you pace. 

There is nowhere to go to. There is no need to rush, still time is precious. Not the physical time, but the realization that your body is temporary as well as all you do in your lifespan. Live a life to remember as the best dream you have ever had. 

Have fun, enjoy, do everything that scares you, that makes you excited, where you feel ALIVE but still realize it’s a dream, a game to play. 

May my words connect with your heart

and may the Universe/God/Higher Consciousness express

Itself through, by, in and for us and the Highest Good.

Thank You.

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Published by Anastasia Tubulkan

Conscious, I see myself reflected in your eyes, for we are one. And one is God. For god is imagination, And imagination is everything. You can buy me a coffee: Bizum: +34684155389 PayPal: @AnastasiiaTubulkan Thank you!

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