5/2/2020 something to remember

You know when and where it feels good.

Feed your Soul. Nourish your body.

Life happens for you. At the microscopic level, you are pure energy; 5D being having 3D experience.

For you carry love to everywhere and everyone. Life is nothing but a dream. Your present and future are just about prosperity and abundance, joy, love and freedom.

Everything happens FOR you at the perfect time. Everything is perfect for everything is divinely orchestrated. Trust the process, for you were born to be victorious. Remember who you are, where you came from. Your origins are in the Universe. You are nothing but an extension of love, of God, of the Source having a 3D experience in this body of yours… you are a spirit, pure energy in human body. You are blessed beyond measures.

No mountain is high enough, for God/the Universe always has your back. Everything is already working out for you, God/the Universe is ahead of you. Something you don’t know is working in your behalf, and you are the reason IT exists. You are the reason life happens. Everything exists because you exist. And it’d ceased to exist when you die.

Something you don’t know (God/the Universe) is honoured to have created such a beautiful and powerful human like you. God/the Universe and you are interpretations of the same. There’s no separation.

Acknowledge your higher self, for all IT wants is YOU TO BE.

Give up the ego, breathe and relax… all is perfectly timed for you. You are going to perform better than you think, all the Universe conspires in your favour.

I send you much love and light, thank you, for we are one and I am blessed beyond measure to write for people like you.


Published by Anastasia Tubulkan

Conscious, I see myself reflected in your eyes, for we are one. And one is God. For god is imagination, And imagination is everything. You can buy me a coffee: Bizum: +34684155389 PayPal: @AnastasiiaTubulkan Thank you!

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