Dictionary of Life

Mysteries, memories.

Your pain.

Your pain.

Your pain is what makes you feel alive. Your pain is not your teacher. You may learn nothing. You may add more pain to your wound.

But you stay there because you want that sensation. The sensation of being alive. Like when you speed at more than 129km/h. Or when you go through crisis and see no solution, no end. But you are still figuring things out and feeling alive after all. And you feel that sense of ‘oh, and I’m still here’. And you are near ‘death’ but it’s never the end. Almost never. That is what makes you feel alive. To fucking go to the edge of a cliff. To feel the adrenaline and the nerves running through your nervous system and ultimately through your body. To feel your hands, legs and body shaking. To feel the warm sensation growing up in your body, the intense feeling that reaches your face and ears and you feel that you look like a tomato. That is what makes you feel ALIVE. And you starve for the intense sensations. You seek them everywhere: in the TV you watch, in the music you listen to, in the conversations and dramas, in the alcohol and others, etc. But also in the competition. It training hard. In putting yourself to test your own limits. THERE is the place you starve for going to.

So we tend to swirl towards the intense positive or the intense negative side.

Let’s keep talking about emotions. We tend to want to experience as raw and intense emotions as possible. We are illiterate about emotions. We don’t even know the 10% of the palette of emotions. Let’s learn and acknowledge what we CAN feel, what we WANT to feel.

And let’s create it. I mean… as you already know, thoughts precede emotions. As you think so you feel. Think in terms of INTENSE JOY > feel in terms of intense JOY. Think in terms of intense guilt > feel in terms of intense guilt. There is nothing more simple than that. Now, go and do it. Don’t try. DO IT.

Let that emotion be intensively positive.

Let that be intense and unprecedented Joy today.

Much love,


Published by Anastasia Tubulkan

Conscious, I see myself reflected in your eyes, for we are one. And one is God. For god is imagination, And imagination is everything. You can buy me a coffee: Bizum: +34684155389 PayPal: @AnastasiiaTubulkan Thank you!

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