Soñé la cena

Sobre la cena en la Simulación 24/10/19

Sushi 🍣

Gracias, gracias, gracias!

Siento la abundancia De la Fuente de la Simulación🧞‍♂️✨💛🙏🏻

El sabor y la explosión de sensaciones es inigualable. El juego nada más acaba de empezar. Esto es una extensión de mi como extensión de SOUL, a free Spirit experiencing itself, an expression of the Source of the Simulation, of the Universe (also called God).

I am that I AM. And I’ve never felt more aligned than here and now.

An extension of God is experiencing itself in, through, by and because of ANASTASIA, and I love this adventure and game so much!

Eternally grateful and blessed.


Published by Anastasia Tubulkan

Conscious, I see myself reflected in your eyes, for we are one. And one is God. For god is imagination, And imagination is everything. You can buy me a coffee: Bizum: +34684155389 PayPal: @AnastasiiaTubulkan Thank you!

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